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Article: 8 Ways to Integrate Mushrooms into Your Daily Routines*

8 Ways to Integrate Mushrooms into Your Daily Routines*

8 Ways to Integrate Mushrooms into Your Daily Routines*

Mushrooms are magical and mysterious, and we’re on a mission to help more people discover how to bring nature’s intelligence into their everyday life. That’s the motivation behind our Forager Box, the limited-edition collection of high-quality, small-scale products that we release seasonally. Each collection features brands we trust that we think you’ll love.

The box gives you the chance to try new mushroom products that have been vetted by our team of mushroom enthusiasts. Since we’ve tried them all – and love them! – this helps you more easily make informed, values-driven choices.

Here’s a look at some of the ways you can easily integrate mushrooms – starting with these fruiting-body-only products – into your daily rituals and routines.

1. Sip with intention. 

We love lingering over our morning coffee, but sometimes you need to hit the road early or don’t have time to brew a fresh cup.

Taika's Macadamia Latte is the first ready-to-drink macadamia milk latte and tastes like coffee ice cream but with zero sugar. Their unique blend of adaptogens and functional mushrooms will fuel your creativity and keep you feeling inspired all day long.*

Whether you sip it on the way to morning dropoff or the trailhead, this latte delivers three of our favorite mushrooms: Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and Reishi.

2. Wind down each evening.

Morning routines are a “thing” among influencers and wellness enthusiasts these days, but what about evening routines? How you end your day is as important as how you start it. Instead of “doom scrolling” (we all do it!), use the time before bed more intentionally. Journal about your day, meditate or start a gratitude practice. Reishi would be a lovely fit for this time of day.*

Mushroom Revival Reishi Calm Capsules are 100% USDA-certified organic, vegan and kosher Reishi capsules. Take them with you on the go (like when you travel or head to the office) or keep them on your bedside table.

3. A pick-me-up for the afternoon lull.

Instead of reaching for yet one more cup of coffee or a sweet treat, savor a tasty caffeine-free drink made with Turkey Tail, Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Tremella and Poria. This blend is paired with herbs and spices to taste downright delightful. It’s just what you need to make it through back-to-back Zooms.

Rasa Magnificent Mushrooms is a super-functional adaptogenic mushroom powder that features six different shrooms (including three that are also adaptogens).*

4. Embrace your inner child with art therapy.

Relax and reconnect with that beloved childhood pastime: coloring! The Fantastic Fungi: The Coloring Book  is fun for little ones but designed for grown-up foragers.

Based on mind-blowing photography by director Louie Schwartzberg, this deluxe coloring book is filled with the gorgeous and exotically beautiful images from the film. This coloring book offers hours of creative and educational relaxation.

5. Linger over tea with good company.

Ever feel like there’s not enough time to catch up with the ones you love? Invite a friend over for tea (or chat over video) as you sip on Teeccino Turkey Tail Astragalus Toasted Maple Tea, made with Turkey Tail mushrooms.

With accents of toasted maple over roasted coffee notes from chicory and carob, experience bold, delicious flavor with adaptogens supporting your defenses.*

6. Pamper yourself.

Self-care is not selfish – and you deserve “me time” each day, even if you only have a few minutes to yourself. Turn your morning shower into an oasis with Alaffia Coconut Reishi beauty products.

They’re made with Reishi mushroom, Certified Fair Trade virgin coconut oil and kpagnan to nourish, moisturize and hydrate. Alaffia products also smell delightful, so for at least a few minutes you can pretend you’re at a five-star resort without a care in the world!

7. Spice up your mushroom routine.

Level up your everyday smoothie, coffee or protein shake by adding your favorite mushroom tincture. These liquid extracts are convenient and versatile, so you’ll find plenty of ways to take your daily serving.*

ShroomWorks and Culture Shrooms joined forces to create a first-ever flavored mushroom extract blend, Daily 3 Cinnilla Edition Extract. This blend is made with mushroom fruiting bodies grown on wood and extracted in the USA.

8. Clear your schedule for some deep creative work.

Whether you’re a poet or a potter, whether you have a Tarot ritual or a yoga practice and whether you soothe yourself with gardening or knitting, your solo endeavors and hobbies matter. Clearing the time you need to prioritize your soul-filling work is important – and mushrooms can be part of the ritual.

Gwella knows mushrooms – and believes they hold potential to support us in today’s busy modern world.* Gwella - Mojo Microdose Soft Chews are psychedelic-free soft chews with a blend of functional mushrooms, herbs and roots that support focus, clarity, energy and patience.*

Want to try these products for yourself? Reserve your Summer Forager Box – with five products to inspire you – or the NEW More Forager Box with eight ways to feel the magic and mystery of mushrooms.



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