Celebrate International Coffee Day with Mushroom Coffee

What exactly is mushroom coffee?

Coffee is consumed by millions of people around the world, so your daily cup of joe is not necessarily a cause for celebration. But on October 1, we celebrate International Coffee Day. This is an opportunity to acknowledge the complex journey that a coffee bean must undergo before arriving in your mug. Celebrate International Coffee Day with Mushroom Coffee!

From the fields of East Africa to hillsides in Indonesia, coffee is grown around the world. The tradition of drinking coffee has been a human favorite for centuries, dating back to the ancient Middle East and North Africa. Islamic mystic scholars used to sip on coffee and stay awake all night, considering the cosmos. Read on to find the best ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day with Mushroom Coffee!

Today, coffee drinkers are inventing all different types of coffee drinks. Here are some of the most popular mushroom coffee recipes and the benefits they provide.

Lion's Mane is popular for coffee!

The Best Types Of Mushroom Coffee

Reishi Coffee

Also known as Ganoderma coffee, making coffee with added reishi can help improve your sleep quality. It’s also great for your liver and is higher in nutrients than real coffee. If you want a daily drink that can improve your immune system and help with chronic fatigue, this is the drink for you. Rather than get overtired with your caffeinated coffee drink, add some reishi to smooth the energy levels. Ganoderma coffee is less acidic than regular coffee and it can help ease depression. 


Chaga Coffee

If you struggle with a sensitive stomach, then Chaga coffee could be the right mix for you. With very low acid, Chaga coffee is easy to digest. It also provides memory-related benefits.


Lion’s Mane Coffee

When you use Lion’s Mane extract in your coffee, you protect against dementia, ulcers, and depression. It’s the best add-in for cognitive enhancements.


Cordyceps Coffee

Get a boost with anti-aging nutrients by adding Cordyceps to your coffee. It can also help protect your heart and fight against inflammation. It’s an energy booster and great for your liver, so add it when you need a lively start to your day. 


Try one today! You don’t have to sacrifice your daily coffee to access the benefits of mushrooms. Hopefully you have found a few new and exciting ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day with Mushroom Coffee!

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