Celebrate National Cookie Day With Mushrooms?

Are You Ready For National Cookie Day?

The holiday season is all about sweet treats and generosity. December 4 is National Cookie Day, a great excuse to whip up a batch of cookies and take a moment for yourself amidst the hectic vibes of the holidays. But have you ever heard of mushroom cookies? We’re talking about cookies shaped like mushrooms as well as cookies with mushrooms in the dough. Ever wonder how to celebrate National cookie day with mushrooms? Read on to find out more. 


Whether you’re baking for yourself or baking for friends, here are some delightful mushroom-inspired recipes to help you celebrate National Cookie Day.


One of the most famous mushroom-shaped cookies is made of meringue. Expert bakers recommend only making this recipe on a dry day to help the meringue keep its shape. The first step is to beat egg whites with cream of tartar. Then, you pipe caps and stems into mushroom shapes. Dust them with cocoa powder and bake at a low temperature until firm. These are often used to decorate the traditional French chocolate roll cake, the buche de noel.


You can also create a mushroom-shaped with this recipe, which uses cornstarch and cocoa powder to create realistic-looking mushroom caps that also taste delicious. Children will probably enjoy these cookies more than meringue cookies, although your little ones might surprise you.

Ever Try Cookies Made With Real Mushrooms?

If you’d like to incorporate real mushrooms into the dough of your cookies, try a recipe that uses powdered reishi or lion’s mane. Try these adaptogenic mushroom cookies to add a nourishing boost to your classic chocolate Christmas cookies. You’ll also need raw cacao to create a deep and rich chocolatey flavor. If you want to give people a hint about what’s inside, make sure you purchase fresh, raw enoki mushrooms to press into the dough as a finishing touch.


The next time you are out getting back to nature, why not go foraging for mushrooms to make some cookies? The holidays are a great time to slow down and enjoy the pleasures of the season. Try whipping up some mushroom-inspired baked goods on National Cookie Day and share the fruits of your labor with friends and family. Tell us how you are going to celebrate national Cookie Day with mushrooms. 

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