Celebrate Pollinators on World Food Day

What Do Bees Have To Do With Food?

Let’s all celebrate bees on World Food Day! On October 16, governments, businesses, NGOs, and general public will join together to “promote worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure healthy diets for all.”

When you bite into your lunchtime sandwich, you’re probably not thinking about the bees that pollinated the crops and made your entire meal possible.

We want to help everyone celebrate pollinators on world food day. 

Pollinators make it possible to grow and produce food around the world. Not only do bees facilitate the science of pollination, but they create art in the process. In his TED talk on the hidden beauty of pollination, Louie Schwartzenberg reveals macro imagery of bees in the process of pollination.

We Need To Protect The Bees!

Unfortunately, there are many threats to bee populations that also threaten global food production. From the destruction of bee habitats to the use of pesticides, bees are struggling to stay stable and productive. 

But billions of crops rely on bees for pollination. Around one-third of the crops we eat are depends on pollinators. Not only are bees essential for food cultivated for human consumption, but bees help pollinate wild plants too which keep wildlife fed. 

So the next time you buy food at the grocery store, prepare a meal for yourself, or observe an animal snacking on a plant, thank the bees. Better than thanking them, take steps to protect bee habitats in your neighborhood. Write to your local parks department and inquire about bee-friendly protection for local plants.

Get some plants that bees love to grow in your backyard. Look for bee-friendly crops and support farmers that practice sustainable agriculture. Just make sure you don’t forget to celebrate pollinators on world food day!

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