Digital Resources to Teach About Fungi

Get Ready For World Teachers Day!

On October 5, teachers and students (and parents!) around the world will celebrate World Teachers Day. When most teachers are working in virtual classrooms, it can be tricky to find resources to teach kids about the natural world.

From the very beginning, our Deep Dive section has included resources that teachers and families can use, but we collected some more digital resources to teach about fungi.

Here is a collection of accessible digital resources for teachers to incorporate into their distance learning lesson plans.

Take a Fungi Field Trip

Earlier this year, our team rounded up some different ways teachers and parents can bring the world of mushrooms to kids who are studying from home. Start with this collection of videos, mushroom kits, and inspiring quotes.

Easy Science for Kids website

On this kid-friendly website, young students can click and explore to learn about different types of fungi. There are age-appropriate quizzes and plenty of interesting trivia tidbits to entertain kids. 

SciShow Kids on YouTube

What kid wouldn’t be excited about a homework assignment that involves watching YouTube videos? Teachers can send their students over to the SciShow Kids channel to watch entertaining and educational videos about the wild world of fungi. 

What Teachers Can Do From Home

Homeschool Resources for Fungi Experiments

Homeschoolers have always been at the forefront of distance learning. These websites are full of fantastic lesson plans and experiment templates, so that kids can conduct their own learning experiences at home. 

Teachers Pay Teachers Worksheets

It’s no secret that teachers like to make some extra money on the side by sharing their handcrafted worksheets with other educators. Teachers can save time by grabbing some premade fungi worksheets on TPT and getting kids involved in the exciting world of mushrooms. 

If all else fails, encourage kids to go foraging outside. Older children can also take up their colored pencils and create scientific drawings at home, replicating online diagrams of the different life cycles of fungi. Even though teachers can’t take their children on field trips into nature, they can use these tools to help bring nature into digital classrooms.

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