Earth Day – 7 Ways to Help

To celebrate earth day 2021, we’re presenting 7 easy things anyone can do to help provide some TLC to our home in the cosmos. Although we’re facing an unprecedented crisis in the form of climate change, which will require sweeping, institutional change to properly combat, there’s plenty we can all do to foster a better world for ourselves, and for future generations. If enough of us act, a difference can be made. Here are 7 ways to help the planet today:


  1. Pick up litter.

Whether it’s a stray piece of plastic on the sidewalk or you go out armed with a trash bag and gloves for a few hours, less litter means a healthier planet.


  1. Start composting.

The food you throw out gets compacted and turns to methane gas in the landfill, which adds more greenhouse gas to the atmosphere. The good news is most of that waste can be composted. Turn your food waste into something better by starting a compost pile, which you can use to grow a more robust garden, or promote your lawn’s health.


  1. Stop picking up grass clippings.

This one’s easy! Use less plastic by skipping the bags next time you mow the lawn. Disposing of the clippings adds to your carbon footprint, plus your lawn will be healthier with the nutrients of decaying grass on top of it anyway.


  1. Walk or bicycle instead of driving.

You don’t have to turn your daily commute into a triathlon to make a difference. Next time you need to run an errand ask yourself if you could get there on foot, bike, or by public transit instead of driving.


  1. Get or upcycle a reusable water bottle.

Reduce your plastic consumption by skipping plastic water bottles, and use a metal, BPA-free plastic, or glass bottle instead. You can turn an old salsa or pickle jar into your new water bottle if you’re looking for a budget friendly way to cut consumption.


  1. Support eco-friendly businesses.

When you shop, reward businesses that recycle, use renewable energy, or invest in green initiatives. Eating out at restaurants that source their ingredients locally can help, too!


  1. Call your elected representatives.

Your elected officials—members of congress from your district and members of your state’s legislature—want to hear from you. Call, email, or write letters to them and make sure they know you take environmental conservation seriously, and want them to do the same this tear on Earth Day 2021!

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