Everything You Need To Know About Forest Bathing

Director Louie Schwartzberg has been exploring forests with his camera for more than four decades, showing us the healing power of Visual Healing with imagery of a wooded setting.

Millions of viewers around the world have relaxed with Louie’s Moving Art short film, “Forests.” In Fantastic Fungi, we received an intimate look at the vast mycelial network beneath our feet in the forest.

Watch this short Moving Art film where Louie explains the power of nature…


 Forest Calm

If you’ve ever had the transformative experience of finding instant calm while walking through a forest, then you are ready to try forest bathing.

 Forest bathing is a Japanese practice of deeply immersing yourself in nature. It’s believed to improve physical and mental well-being, reduce stress hormone production, lower heart rates, boost the immune system, and even accelerate recovery from illness. Some say it can even help with the symptoms of menopause, too.

It’s not a physical bathing experience, it’s about being in a forest and letting nature wash over you.  Nature Connector Deborah Mendes helps people discover forest bathing and other forest meditations—a gateway to more abundance, better relationships and good health.

She collected a series of testimonials from her participants about the experience.

An Introduction To Forest Bathing

But forest bathing is more nuanced than simply visiting trees and hoping for healing. To practice it correctly, you must prepare to be fully present during your experience. Here’s how.

 First, look for a quiet grove of trees where you can spend some time alone in communion with nature. Busy parks are not the best places for forest bathing due to the noise and distractions caused by other visitors. On the other hand, if you only have access to public parks, you could visit them very early in the morning to get some quiet time. Make sure you leave your phone at home or turn off notifications.

 Now it’s time to enter the forest. Release all your expectations and goals. Forest bathing is about connecting with nature, not planning or evaluating. Every time you notice a thought arise, simply acknowledge it and let it pass by. Instead, turn your attention to the amazing ecosystem before you.

 Try to observe the trees, the leaves, and the forest floor. Touch the tree bark and admire the different textures on different trunks. Inhale deeply and allow your senses to fully embrace the forest. Notice the way the ground feels underneath your feet. Listen to the sounds of birds and wildlife around you.

 Where To Go Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is growing in popularity as people begin to understand that connecting with nature is just as important as connecting to the Internet. Take yourself to a nearby grove and enjoy the trees. Your body and mind will experience benefits now and in the long-term.

There are many places you can visit!

 For East Coast forest bathing, the Travel Channel has a great list of sites you can visit.

 For West Coast forest bathing, the Los Angeles Times has a great feature with international and national spots.

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