Experience The Harmonic Convergence

Fantastic Fungi director Louie Schwartzberg joined The Harmonic Convergence—a 10-day long global meditation for universal contact organized by Unify.

His unique work was played throughout the week-long broadcast, and Louie spoke with Isis Indriya for a fascinating conversation about our conscious evolution.

Watch everything here:

A Shift in Consciousness

The Harmonic Convergence (THC) took place from July 5th through the 14th, a historic experiment: “A global meditation to invite peaceful extraterrestrials to show themselves with thousands of lightships across the sky.”

The founders hope to collectively raise human consciousness and empower our planetary stewardship. Through meditation, they hope to elevate “humanity into deeper resonance, coherence, and world peace, and beyond world peace…universal peace.”

Fantastic Fungi creator Louie Schwartzberg has been shooting time-lapse macro-cinematography of fungi for many years. By studying the vast communication network underneath our forests, he discovered a fundamental truth about reality.

Lessons from Nature

Louie has also learned that plant medicine can shift your consciousness and make someone feel our ultimate connection with all living things on the planet. “That’s the shift of consciousness we need right now—to care about everybody and everything,” he said. “The fact that we’re disconnected from each other is what’s hurting us more than anything right now.”

Louie explained how the mycelium network is key to our understanding of nature’s secrets. “We need to understand nature’s intelligence for us to gain the knowledge of how to live sustainably on our planet,” he said. “So it is right there under our feet.”

The study of myology has grown into its own science, providing young fungi scientists a chance to explore this new world.

“Bringing virtual nature into your home is a gift. Because I’m not just showing you what a mountain looks like or what a river looks like. With the use of time-lapse, slow-mo, micro, and macro I’m trying to make the invisible visible,” said Louie.

If you want to continue your adventure, try watching Fantastic Fungi online.

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