Finding the Mother Tree: Suzanne Simard’s New Book

Forest researcher and university professor Dr. Suzanne Simard has spent years studying trees. Her research led to the discovery that the forest’s plants and trees have an underground communication system, with trees and fungi cooperating. Her Ted talk brought her work to a larger audience, while her 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals shared her research findings with the larger science community. Now, she is releasing her first book Finding the Mother Tree, published by Penguin Random House.

About The Book

With a subhead of Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest, this book’s cover lets you know Dr. Simard isn’t your typical scientist. She is at the forefront of the study of plant communication and intelligence. Blending memoir with scientific explanation through an engaging writing style, Simard introduces audiences to the idea that trees actually communicate with each other and explains how they do it. 

Through describing a childhood spent identifying trees and spending time in the forest, Simard explains how she came to love the outdoors and how that love led to a career in science. 

Simard takes the reader through a journey of discovery, sharing her knowledge of how trees recognize neighbors, issue warnings, develop behaviors, and interact with the surrounding forest. 

Earlier Work

As an ecology professor at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Simard concentrates her research on the complexity and interconnectedness of nature. Specifically, she looks at how trees interact and communicate through fungal networks below the ground. This work led to the realization that forests have hub trees that play a vital part in the distribution of resources and flow of information within the forest. 

Praise For The Book

Simard’s new book is receiving plenty of early praise, including from New York Times bestselling author Kristin Ohlson, who says, “it completely overturned my view of nature.”

Fellow researchers have also praised Simard’s new work. Nancy Jean Turner, professor of ethnobotany at the University of Victoria, says, “This book will have profound implications for our human relationships with the natural world. The insights presented by Dr. Simard point toward a complete paradigm shift in the ways we humans interact with forests, trees, and other species.” 

Suzanne Simard’s book Finding the Mother Tree is available in May 2021 from Penguin Random House. It will be available at all major booksellers.

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