Four of the Best Books About Mushrooms to Read In 2021

The Best Mushroom Books In 2021 

As the dawn of 2021 approaches, it’s time to start evaluating how to expand one’s comfort zone and try something life-changing in the new year. Read on to find out a few of the best mushroom books of 2021!

Mushrooms can open the mind and offer numerous health benefits in ways that are difficult to access from other resources. However, it’s helpful to have a stronger understanding of these and mycology in general before getting started. 

4 Helpful Books For Those Intrigued By Mushroom Use In 2021:

1. Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World by Paul Stamets

A leader of the family-run business, Fungi Perfecti, mycologist Paul Stamets promotes the use of medicinal mushrooms and shares the supporting evidence that outlines their many benefits.

2. Mushrooms Demystified by David Arora

This guide is stacked with hundreds of images and classifications of mushrooms and fungi for any curious outsider or prospective mushroom user. This is a beginner-friendly manual educating readers on proper ways to cook or prepare mushrooms for indulging in their benefits.






3. DIY Mushroom Cultivation by Willoughby Arevalo

In this book, the reader will find step by step instructions on how to grow their own supply of mushrooms. It offers insight for those growing on a budget and shares important information about fungi and their suitable climates. This guide also covers the topics of permaculture and natural medicine. Definitely one of the Best Mushroom Books in 2021.

4. Healing Mushrooms: A Practical and Culinary Guide to Using Mushrooms for Whole Body Health by Tero Isokauppila

Tero Isokauppila hopes to share the wise practices involved in mushroom use from the past so more people can use them for today. In his book, readers will find helpful recipes for their mushroom enjoyment.








The benefits of ingesting mushrooms are known to include boosted immunity, improved cognitive function, and more. By learning the how-to’s and details of mycology, new users can prepare for their 2021 mushroom journey.


After checking out our best mushroom books of 2021, you will be ready! And as we embark on this new year, we’ll be adding many many more to the list! 

Share your favorite Mushroom Books with us.

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