Get Festive with Mushroom Holiday Crafts & Decor

Decorating With Mushrooms?

When you think about decorating your home for the holidays, you probably don’t think about mushrooms first and foremost. However, mushrooms can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to decorating a tree or a mantle. We’re not recommending that you plop some live mushrooms on your table and call it done. Instead, be inspired by the colors and forms of nature’s magical mushrooms to deck the halls. It’s easy to get festive with Mushroom holiday crafts and decor.

If you’re a knitter, it’s easy to knit yourself some soft and colorful mushrooms. These would make a great display in a small basket on your kitchen table. Knit a few extras and give them to friends and family to brighten up their winter table. For the very committed crafter, you could challenge yourself to knit an entire box of mushrooms that you could link together into a chain. This would make a lovely decoration for a Yule or Christmas tree, along with other nature-based ornaments.

Anyone Can Do It

For people who don’t know how to knit, felting is a very accessible way to create colorful handmade decorations. Simply gather up some bits of felt or head to your closet (or the thrift store) to look for raw materials. Follow the instructions to create a small, colorful felted mushroom. If you’re feeling fancy, affix a few beads on the top to give a bit of sparkle. Use small clear beads to give a bit of a frosty glint to your ornaments.

Alas, there are many people who just don’t have a creative bone in their body. However, this doesn’t have to stop you from having fun with craft supplies! Try saving your wine corks all year round or collect them from friends in advance of the holidays. Simply grab a paintbrush along with some red and white paint, and you’re all set to create festive looking ornaments.

To be environmentally friendly, try to use craft supplies that are already laying around your home. Reused materials can be the inspiration for heartfelt gifts, and mushrooms can be the bearer of the message of interconnectedness for friends and family in the holiday season. Hopefully now you are ready to get festive with mushroom holiday crafts and decor.

PHOTO CREDIT: Vilseskogen

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