How Permaculture Can Change Our Lives

Louie Schwartzberg demonstrated our powerful connection to nature in his Earth Day 2020 short film.

The mycelial network gives us a glimpse of what is possible through connection. How we can live in harmony with the earth.

We need to recognize that what we do the earth, we do to ourselves. Watch the short film today! 


What Is Permaculture?

Permaculture is the practice of living in alignment with nature’s systems. For instance, the mycelial network connects communities of living things and establishes shared economies where ecosystems can flourish without greed. That’s because Earth’s natural ecosystems have created smart systems that help plants and animals live in harmony.

 The practice of permaculture taps into this harmony and works with natural systems, rather than against them. You can apply permaculture principles to your everyday life, no matter where you live.

 The most important part of permaculture is creating symbiosis with nature. For people who live in cities, it can sometimes feel like a challenge to connect with nature. But everyone can find ways to build a relationship with local ecosystems.

 The World Permaculture Association has tons of courses and resources if you want to learn more.

Starting Your Permaculture Journey

 Embracing your local ecosystem is especially important now during this time of social distancing. Visiting a local park is a wonderful way to connect with the trees, plants, and wildlife in your neighborhood.

 If you have the opportunity to visit a wilderness area with less human cultivation, you’ll be able to observe how Mother Nature’s natural systems work together to support life.

 One great way to begin your relationship with permaculture is to grow something. You can do this in your big backyard, on your small balcony, or in apartments with good light.

 Having plants indoors has become a major trend in the last decade, and for good reason. Not only do plants help clean the air for you, but just looking at them can make you feel more balanced.

 Start your permaculture journey today. Permaculture is a way of thinking and doing that will change your life and change the planet. We all belong to the same ecosystem, after all. Connection is everywhere and we must shift our perspective to see the interconnectedness all around us.

 Permaculture can show us how. It’s time to recognize that whatever we do to the earth we do to ourselves.

 There’s no better way to learn about permaculture than watching Fantastic Fungi. Pre-order now on Apple TV!

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