Mushroom Pie Recipes for Pi Day

In honor of this math holiday named Pi Day, 3/14, we share some mushroom pie recipes with readers looking to celebrate in the kitchen.


Ricotta and Marinated Mushroom Pie – Eugenia Bone

Going way back, my grandmother made a version of Ricotta and Marinated Mushroom Pie using marinated artichokes. Both homemade and commercial marinated mushrooms work well.


Mushroom Shepards Pie- From 

A hearty comfort food and vegan alternative to Shepard’s pie shared with the Fantastic Fungi community by Carter Lipnick and originally sourced from The Noshery.

This pie has a little twist that you will love.


Squash Pie (Kolokythopita Almyri) by Neni Panourgia

The origins of this dish are in the Peloponnese, Greece, where winter squash is used for savory cooking. It is very similar to a zucchini pie in preparation, although both the texture and the taste are very different. In the Northern Peloponnese it would have powdered sugar sprinkled on top.


Vegan Shepherds Pie – by Anita SuJiivana


Savory vegan pie featuring three different types of mushrooms or even a mixture of several varieties to reveal a bold earthy flavor under a tasty potato topping. 


Humble Pie by Annaliese Bischoff

New England style steak and ale pie with puff pastry, grass-fed sirloin, and shitake mushrooms. The key is to reduce the steak and introduce shiitakes. 

Oyster Mushroom Ricotta Pie by Annaliese Bischoff

This recipe is inspired by Tuscan chef, Alessandro Piccinini, who taught me how to make a plain ricotta soufflé. Unlike a soufflé though, which is best served immediately, this recipe seems to get better resting over a little time to allow the subtle delicate mushroom flavor to mingle and bloom. I have created both a vegetarian version with zucchini and one that is non-vegetarian with German speck. 

What type of pie who’ll you be eating this Pi Day?

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