Mushroom Pies to Share With Your Loved Ones These Holidays

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The holidays are approaching, and the stress of choosing the right dish to bring your family starts creeping nearer. Without a plan of what to bring, you may find yourself in a panic. Try something new this year with mushroom pies for the holidays!


Show your family and friends that you love them by bringing a luscious mushroom pie to your next holiday meal. They’ll know you care because you’re sharing the many tastes and health benefits that mushrooms offer. 


These are some available delicious mushroom pie recipes that your family will be grateful for and beg you to keep bringing to future holiday dinners:

Elegant Mushroom Pie

Bring this buttery, elevated pie to the table. With baby bella mushrooms, plenty of herbs, and flavoring, this creamy savory pie will have everyone at the dinner going for a second serving.

Magic Mushroom Quiche


A cousin of the pie family, this quiche, stuffed with magic mushrooms, will serve as a wonderful hit these holidays. With black trumpet chanterelles as the main staple, this rich dish is a true knockout. It’s great for that holiday brunch with friends.

Mighty Mushroom Pie- Meat-Free Magic

This pie is full of all the right, satisfying ingredients that will leave an unforgettable mark on your loved ones. It’s a great option if there will be vegetarians at the meal. In its center, you’ll be including flavorful and filling baby chestnut mushrooms, along with dried porcini mushrooms. 

Mushroom and Leek Pie

If you need to feed any vegans, this is the perfect pie. It’s packed with mouth-watering savory flavors as the leek, garlic, oils and other components complement the tasty chestnut mushroom base. Watch your loved ones sink their forks into the crunchy crust as they indulge in your dish.


Give the gift of delicious mushrooms these holidays by contributing one of these pie recipes to your celebratory feast! After trying them, you may just want to celebrate every year with mushroom pies for the holidays! 

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