Mushroom Pizza Recipes For National Pizza Day

This year on National Pizza Day, branch out from boring old pepperoni or cheese and whip up something a little more creative. A good pizza tastes better knowing you cooked it yourselves. It tastes even better when you incorporate mushrooms! Adding your favorite fungi will elevate a pizza to satisfy your palate. 


There’s no need to be a connoisseur. With the right online recipes for mushroom pizzas, you can master the art of pizza-making from the comfort of your home. 


Here are some tasty mushroom pizza recipes: 


Wild Mushroom Pizza With Caramelized Onions, Fontina, and Rosemary


Choose your favorite wild mushrooms, like crimini, oyster, chanterelle, or stemmed shiitake to include in this recipe. You’ll then drizzle them with a light white wine drizzle for the extra kick of flavor. 


Mushroom Pizza With Fresh Herbs

This white sauce pizza perfectly sets the stage for fresh mushrooms. Choose baby bella or shiitake mushrooms as shown in the recipe, or give it your personal spin with oyster mushrooms, portobello strips, or white buttons. Have some fun with this fool-proof recipe.


Wild Mushroom Pizza With Truffle Oil

The combination of shiitake, cremini, portobello mushrooms with a rich truffle oil glaze creates perfection. 


Roast Mushroom Pizza

This impeccable pizza involves an herb puree, garlic butter, and delicious torn oyster mushrooms. The roasted cooking style will leave it golden and crisp, so every bite is full of flavor. 


10-Minute Portobello Pizzas

Flip the switch and use mushrooms as your pizza base. Using portobello caps as your dough makes a delicious, savory, low-carb option so you can enjoy pizza without the carb-overload guilt. Make these in a flash with their short cooking time.


Vegan Caramelized Mushroom Pizza

Vegans have their right to enjoy a delectable pizza with fungi toppings, too! Sauteing the shiitake and cremini mushroom toppings with onions and garlic will give them a crunchy, sweet, and savory finish that will have your taste buds buzzing. 


White Mushroom Pizza

With cremini mushrooms and all the right herbs and spices, this is the ideal staple mushroom pizza. The white sauce and choice of quality Wisconsin cheese will give you the perfect cheesy, delectable dish that you’ll be cooking for every party you host from now on. 


Mushroom Pizza with Ricotta & Garlic Confit Spread

For the visual learners out there, check out this video recipe from Food & Style:


Mushrooms make an excellent topping choice that adds the extra je-ne-sais-quoi for a mouth-watering pizza that you’ll be cooking over and over again whenever you need to satisfy your cheesy cravings. 


Grab your favorite flavorful fungi and get cooking on National Pizza Day this year!

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