Mushrooms in Video Games

In the real world, mushrooms have been known for their immune-boosting and mental health benefits. They are medicinal tools that improve our physical functioning and can expand our mind for increased cognitive functioning, mental clarity, and creativity. Figuratively, they help us develop as we access parts of our mind with magic mushrooms that we couldn’t without them. Fungi like Cordyceps can also benefit our muscle growth and recovery.  The significance of mushrooms in video games is something that often overlooked and rarely talked about.

Building on the real-life benefits of mushrooms to humans, video game designers have incorporated mushrooms that help players achieve success or simply add dimension into a realistic world for decades. In video games, mushrooms are commonly used as healing foods or gifts that optimize the character’s functioning. They make your character grow bigger, move faster, restore their health. They may also serve as a crucial ingredient in a potion. Through video game platforms, we can share our appreciation for mushrooms as they reward us with life-improving properties. 


Here are some of the most famous examples of mushrooms in video games and how they help us.


Super Mario

In the original Super Mario games, mushrooms have a power-boosting effect of making him grow in size. These amanita muscaria-resembling mushrooms help Mario defeat his enemies and have more chance of survival as he can take a hit without dying. 


Mario Kart

In Mario Kart, we see mushrooms provide new benefits. There is a variety of mushrooms that you can receive. One mushroom gives an engine boost for a launch of speed. Or, you may receive multiple mushrooms either for separate speed boosts, or one consistent stream of them.




While playing Skyrim, you will find an abundance of mushrooms. They’re mainly found in cave systems and underground. These are useful ingredients to collect for your potion-making needs. Be careful though, just like in real life, you will want to identify your mushrooms before consuming them.


Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, you want to retrieve the Common Mushroom for your recipes. These can contribute to concoctions that will boost your attack abilities and support your immunity and health. They’re also included in the Wild Seeds package. 



Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you will want to find the Stamella Shroom to refill one of Link’s heart containers. You can collect these for Link to cook and eat for restored health and their energizing effects. He can make these on their own as Toasty Stamella Shrooms, or include them with other ingredients for stamina-boosting or to make an Energizing Elixir. 


Many of the positive effects that we see mushrooms have on our favorite video game characters are not far off from what they do to us in real life. They can improve our immunity and wellness for higher functioning. Perhaps we will see more mushrooms in video games that highlight their diverse benefits on people and the environment, too.


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