New Studies On Using Mushrooms For Mental Health

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Research

Academic research is now corroborating what ancient peoples have always known for millennia when it comes to the natural world and mental health. Read on to find out more about using mushrooms for mental health.

We celebrated World Mental Health Day earlier this month, so let’s look at some of the exciting and groundbreaking work being done at research institutions on the role of psilocybin in mental wellness.

The Fantastic Fungi documentary showcases a lot of these studies, and we’ll discuss a few of the key research projects here.  From depression to PTSD, mushrooms have been shown to have a positive effect on a variety of mental health challenges. 

Colleges Researching Using Mushrooms For Mental Health 

Johns Hopkins

In their new center for psychedelic research, Johns Hopkins is leading the way when it comes to psilocybin studies. Paul Stamets leads a variety of initiatives that explore the healing power of fungi, both taken alone and in combination with pharmaceutical medicine. When utilized by patients facing anxiety in the course of medical treatments and daily life, Johns Hopkins is showing the psilocybin use can have deep positive effects.


For the last 15 years, researchers at UCLA have been testing the effectiveness of mushrooms to ease anxiety for terminal cancer patients and end-of-life situations. Patients reported reduced depression and lessened anxiety as a result of their mushroom treatment. 


The studies done at NYU agree with everything that other research institutions have found. Mushrooms can help reduce distress and improve emotional wellbeing, especially in people who are experiencing traumatic medical issues. 

All of this research may one day lead to using mushrooms for pharmaceuticals. To learn more, watch the Fantastic Fungi documentary (now streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play, and VUDU) to explore the future of mushrooms and wellness.

It’s important to spend time each and every day managing your mental health. It’s not something that you can simply put off until a more convenient time. There are more tools available to people now than ever before to help manage their mental health.

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