Oregon Voters Support Psilocybin Therapy

After gathering more than 164,000 signatures from voters, Oregon activists have won the vote to bring psilocybin therapy to Oregon “through a licensed, regulated system that supports and protects patients to get them the help they need” inside the Oregon Health Authority.

Mushrooms on the Ballot

In Oregon, this statewide measure to legalize the therapeutic use of psilocybin gave voters chance to formally support the use of mushrooms. This particular initiative has been under debate for years and was finally approved for the ballot in summer 2020.

For young voters who care about the planet and community health initiatives, this measure was a great reason to head to the polls in Oregon in 2020.

There are other initiatives around the country that aim to legalize the use of mushrooms for therapeutic purposes. California, Michigan, and Colorado are other states that are leading the movement toward legalization and regulation of psilocybin therapy.

In this special video, watch Louie talk with Tom Eckert and Sherri Eckert, the founders of this landmark bill, after a 2019 screening of Fantastic Fungi.

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