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The indigenous were, and many still are very connected with the fungi world. They know how to use them in ways that only those who are connected with nature can truly appreciate. It is a skill that many of us have lost.

When we look at what we have learned to value in our culture, we can see that of the Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit, it is the Mind and the Body that has dominated our educational priorities. The ability to analyze, which is connected to the mind, and manifest, which is connected to the body, either in the classroom or in sports is highly valued. What struggles more is the feelings and passion which is connected to the heart or the dreaming and outside of the box visioning, which is connected to the spirit.

Arts, Music and the ability to create is what inspires us to imagine beyond our current reality and into a regenerative creation. It is about our ability to connect, to be curious, to be creative. It is what life is at its core, a creative experience.

Photography, music, film, poetry, and art are inspired by nature’s beauty and is a gift to us all. Expressions of creativity bring joy to those of us who express art, but also to those who are blessed to witness it. We are honored to share the works of artists around the globe who are guided by the mycelium muse.

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