Environmental / Biodiversity

We are part of a journey that has unfolded over countless years. We live on an amazing and wonderful planet and there are no known planets that have evolved or will evolve to hold the specific beauty and diversity like the world we are gifted to live in.

However, we are heading in a very precarious and dangerous direction for ourselves and for the many others who inhabit the world we live in and for the generations to come. From desertization, water shortage, food shortage, bee colony collapse, nuclear waste storage and disasters, oil spills, plastic pollution, global warming and more, to the sixth mass extinction in the history of this planet – we stand at a precipice. We are challenged to find solutions to long standing problems that we have not yet faced.

There is hope and you are standing on it! We have a partner that has traveled in time with us through our evolutionary process here on earth and they are perhaps more intelligent than we are in solving the very issues that mankind has created and is now facing. There are many projects utilizing the mycelium world to deal with our most pressing challenges, and the film begins to touch on some of the most promising:

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