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When we realize that mycelium is critical to life on earth, this intersection between the animal and plant kingdoms that gives us food, shelter and the medicine we need, what will we do to form a stronger and interconnected relationship with it?

Many of us were raised with a very limited view of mushrooms (as well as ample fear). We might know of mushroom soup, mushroom on pizzas and the button mushrooms, but how about the more exotic varieties of edible mushrooms? Few of us are versed in the complex and powerful nutritional and life supporting powers of the mushrooms, let alone the vast array of mushrooms that grow wild in our forests, parks and around our homes.

Here we give you a glimpse into the knowledge by connecting you to the world of foraging, and chefs who are experts with mushrooms who can teach us ways to utilize mushrooms for their culinary and nutritional benefits. – Wild Mushrooms: A Hidden Treasure

National Center for Biotechnology Information – Mushrooms—Biologically Distinct and Nutritionally Unique Exploring a “Third Food Kingdom”
ANSF (Applied and Natural Science Foundation) –  Mushroom cultivation: Substantial key to food security

World Atlas – Types Of Edible Wild Mushrooms

Bon Appetit – These Mushroom Recipes Are So Good, They’re *Magic*

Go to your local grocery and see what types of mushrooms they have. If they have some that you have never seen before, learn about them, buy them and invite some friends over to try them. When you purchase something, you increase the demand for that product. When you do this, you help create jobs in that field. Buy what you want to support.

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