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We are past the need to work on “sustainability” and are moving into a regenerative economy – this is imperative. A part of shifting our consciousness is shifting what we are creating with it. There are businesses cropping up everywhere that involve the cultivation, consumption and integration of mushrooms into products including faux leather, shoes, packaging and more. This is a regenerative model.

Another example of this is a whole new industry of mushroom foods (including as non-meat alternatives) that are being created. If communities can build economies that utilize these innovative ideas and create communities that mirrors the values of mycelium of mutual support, everyone flourishes.

We have only begun to explore the use and intelligence of the mycelium world and our current challenge requires us to break from old paradigms and innovate! Who will be our partners? Take a look at what we found and share with us what you know.

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Regenerative Design

Mushroom Farming

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Eco Friendly Employment

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