Fantastic Fungi: Reimagine Album


We are launching a brand new album inspired by Fantastic Funig and the Mycelial Network.

Pre-orders will launch on Kickstarter June 29th, but the official album release is July 28th.

Over the next several weeks we are excited to share live performances and stories from the artists and producers who have contributed to this wonderful project.

In celebration of our Kickstarter Launch, Unify will be hosting an amazing launch party!


Join Us! Live Streaming on Unify’s Facebook Live Channel

Celebrate the Pre-Order Launch of Fantastic Fungi: Reimagine.

Monday, June 29, 2020

8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific


The evening will feature live performances and interviews from: Giuliana Furci, Louie Schwartzberg, Beautiful Chorus, Mary Cosimano, Tony Head, Paul Stamets, Amber Rubarth, and William Padilla-Brown.

Hosted by: Marcina Hale and Stephen Apkon


“Reimagine,” a project of Reconsider, together with Amber Rubarth and Parmita Pushman.

To inspire this process, a diverse and visionary group of artists aligned with the themes of the documentary and a love of all things mushroom, have come together to share songs on the upcoming record, “Fantastic Fungi: Reimagine.”

As a global society, we are facing challenging environmental, health, and humanitarian issues – the message of the mycelium taps into the heart of these issues – that we are all connected. The album celebrates the integral part music plays in every movement and is curated to foster a commitment to build a more connected and conscious world.

We need to open our eyes to nature’s intelligent design and our hearts to nature’s wonders. If we can embrace our fungal partners and ancestors, we can change the fate of our planet from mass extinctions to flourishing environments. We can build communities that celebrate and honor life in its many forms.

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Fantastic Fungi - Reimagine Album

The double-length album release features original songs, new remixes, and celebrated tracks from some of our favorite artists. Founded on the film’s themes for how the underground mycelium network heals, sustains, and contributes to the regeneration of life on Earth, these songs are designed to help listeners relax, meditate, dream, and create. Truly bringing together the essence of the mycelium network and its interconnectivity.

Our sponsors include SPORE, Ecovative Design, Reconsider, and Ear Trumpet Labs.

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