The Significance of Mushrooms in These Pop Culture Classics

Mushrooms In Pop Culture Classics

Have you managed to spot all of the mushrooms in pop culture classics? Particularly in science fiction, these fungi present themselves as a commonly beneficial aid to the main character. From video games like the Mario franchise to famed literary works and classic movies, the message is clear: medicinal mushrooms offer healing powers that keep driving the character forward.

Need some proof? These are some examples of mushrooms appearing in media that suggest their positive attributes to a person’s wellbeing:

The Super Mario Franchise

In these classic video games, mushrooms are valuable and provided as a reward to Mario and friends. They offer strength, speed, and a boost of health in times of need. When Mario finds a mushroom, he grows in size and becomes stronger. In Mario Kart, a mushroom gives the go-cart engine a boost. Mushrooms are a core feature of this franchise that support our favorite main characters. 

Anna Karenina

In this novel by Leo Tolstoy, mushroom hunting influences the children’s behavior as they enjoy this activity. These also become an important symbol for Sergei, who struggles to navigate romantic relationships, but finds better refuge in talking about mushrooms and gathering them.

Alice in Wonderland

It has been suggested that Lewis Caroll filled Alice’s journey with hallucinogens. One of these includes the magical mushrooms that change Alice’s size, much like Mario in his franchise. Alice takes her first bite of the mushroom and grows too tall. However, when she takes her next dose, she finds moderation and returns to the right size to continue her journey through Wonderland.


Other Mushroom References 

Other works worth mentioning that include mushrooms are H.G. Wells’ The Purple Pileus, Disney’s Fantasia, Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and more. They’re out there, so enjoy the hunt for your favorite fungi making their presence known in sci-fi and other pop culture. Let us know where else you have seen mushrooms in pop culture classics!

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