Tour of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors with Alex Grey – Mycology In Art

Mycology Meets Art

Visionary Artists Alex and Allyson Grey. Through a tour of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors ( The Grey’s Art church) the artists discuss, life, death, art, mushrooms, and the mycelial web that weaves the universe together. Grey talks about the power of mycology in artwork.

“There’s something subtle going on when people are interacting with works of art, and they have power to lodge themselves in our consciousness in our imaginations and become a new lens, a new map, through which we can see these new realities, they act as inspiration. You take away something your mind is expanded, you know, looking at art is the safest way to expand your consciousness.” – Alex Grey

Alex Grey is an American visionary artist, author, teacher, and Vajrayana practitioner.

Grey’s artwork consists of painting, performance art, process art, installation art, sculpture, and visionary art.

About Mycology and Art

“The mushroom has been one of my favorite ways of communing with divine intelligence. It’s deep in human history that humanity has always had a relationship with these sacred plants. Now, it’s a thing that is mushrooming all over the world, that calls for a new kind of depiction of these realms which are so inspiring so fantastic so infinite. They seem to contain a message. Many of the visions that people have healed.” – Alex Grey

Alex Grey on Psilocybin

“If you can get in touch with the foundation of life and the source of reality through taking some mushrooms. Then, that seems like part of the program for awakening consciousness, kind of like a vitamin we’ve been missing. There is a visionary mystical reality that we don’t understand. But that is trying to have.” – Alex Grey

Whether using psilocybin for medical treatments or awakening consciousness, artists speak of a transformative experience.

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