What You Need to Know About Ophiocordyceps Sinensis, The Love Fungus

Valentines day has for years been associated with candy—chocolates, candy hearts with romantic messages written across them, and others. One of the reasons we associate gifts like chocolate with love is because of their aphrodisiac qualities. But maybe this year on Feb 14th you should be reaching for Fungi, called Ophiocordyceps Sinensis, instead. 


Aphrodisiacs are known to influence your sexual desire to establish a deep connection with your partner. They can be found in spices, foods, drinks, which can be ingested to motivate sexual pleasure.


Fungi are also an excellent aphrodisiac source that will support your romantic connection and have positive side effects for further wellness. You’ll be in the best possible spirits to make your Valentine’s Day memorable.


Here are some types of fungus that are known aphrodisiacs to include in your Valentine’s Day celebration: 


Ophiocordyceps Sinensis 

This fungus is also known as the world’s most expensive (a pound can be sold for tens of thousands of dollars), due to its rarity and the interesting way it develops. This is a medicinal mushroom commonly incorporated into Chinese and Tibetan rituals to relieve uncomfortable side effects from cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, gastrointestinal, and other diseases or health complications. It can be consumed in powder form and has been known to cure sexual dysfunction and promote improved sexual performance. They improve blood flow and boost fertility for improved intimacy. 



Hawaiin Orange Mushroom

While this has yet to be scientifically validated, there is an unnamed orange mushroom discovered in Hawaii that apparently induced orgasms in women instantaneously. From the studies conducted around this “fungasmic” mushroom, the effects seemed to work on females exclusively. 


Chaga Mushroom

This mushroom causes a flow of testosterone to improve sexual stamina. If you try these on Valentine’s Day, they will give you the energy you need for a romantic night. 



Your libido weakens when you are stressed, making you less motivated to be intimate with your partner. By reducing your stress levels reishi mushrooms can help boost your focus. Reishi is also known for supporting fertility and sexual performance. 

This Valentine’s Day, skip the artichokes, asparagus, oysters, or chili peppers. While these may have similar aphrodisiac effects, they’re not necessarily the most romantic items to introduce into your date night. Mushrooms will boost your sense of desire and passion and give you the mental clarity and energy you need for an intimate evening. Not only will your libido be revitalized, but you’ll be in an excellent mood as these herbal medical treatments will take away your worries and only leave the good vibes of romance and love. 

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