What’s Going on With Psilocybin Worldwide?

The psilocybin world is growing as more regions across North America are loosening restrictions to allow people to take advantage of their impactful properties. Considering the many medicinal properties of mushrooms that have been used in ancient rituals, the psilocybin benefits of psychedelic mushrooms should be more socially accepted. Governments have regulated and criminalized its use due to a lack of research or understanding of its properties.


Fortunately, Oregon’s Measure 109 has been leading strides of psilocybin legalization across the continent. This regulation entails the permission of psychoactive therapy to assist with mental health issues like PTSD, depression, and addiction problems. The ownership of psilocybin drugs has also been decriminalized in Oregon. 


Check out this video from Oregon Public Broadcasting, which explains Measure 109 in depth:


Following Measure 109, Canadian strictness against psilocybin has been loosening. It has been permitted as a therapeutic anecdote, especially for terminally ill patients whose stress and anxiety from their fatal disease could be worsening their condition and propelling the process. Incorporating psilocybin into their therapy has led to a sense of euphoria, stress release, enjoyment of their interactions, and joy from mood-boosting tools like music, art, etc. 


So, there is some hope that psychedelic mushrooms, with their psilocybin benefits, will be increasingly legalized. That way, North Americans experiencing certain diseases, pain, emotional distress, and other ailments could rely on natural, organic therapeutic, and healing treatments in safe doses. The path of psilocybin legalization seems similar to what we’ve seen of cannabis. 


There’s a chance that psilocybin-containing foods will eventually be permitted in North America. This could greatly benefit patients with chronic pain diseases or suffering from eating disorders. The psilocybin-therapy-focused company, Tryp Therapeutics, has been recently collecting funds and working with health regulation organizations like the IPO and FDA to have their ingestible psilocybin products approved. If deemed safe, these products’ permitted distribution could follow, making the benefits of magic mushrooms on mental health more accessible to the public. 

In the UK, they’ve been exploring psilocybin and its positive effects on people. Recently, they found one strain of magic mushrooms that significantly improved the mental health of cancer patients for years. The strain was deemed to have heightened cancer patients’ quality of life as a safe dosage introduced to them reduced their anxiety, depression, sense of hopelessness, and demoralization associated with a terminal illness. 


In Santa Monica, the Pacific Neuroscience Institute is conducting trials at Johns Hopkins Hospital to treat alcohol use disorder using psilocybin-assisted therapy.


The research conducted in the medical industry reveals that magic mushrooms significantly impact the mental health of people who suffer from uncomfortable, painful, and fatal diseases. Psilocybin intervention improves these individuals’ quality of life as they undergo distressing illness. As we see more and more health administrations loosen their restrictive regulations on psychedelic therapy, more patients can access the life-impacting psilocybin benefits of magic mushrooms. 


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