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Article: 6 Ways to Give Thanks for Mushrooms

6 Ways to Give Thanks for Mushrooms

6 Ways to Give Thanks for Mushrooms

Gratitude is front of mind for us lately. Not only is the Thanksgiving holiday upon us here in the United States — but Louie Schwartzberg’s latest film, Gratitude Revealed, is available on demand around the world and playing in theaters (including some virtual cinemas).

As Louie says, Gratitude Revealed gives each of us “an opportunity to open our hearts, see each other with compassion and understanding, and build bridges with those who think differently. In addition, the film provides the audience with a shift in consciousness on gratitude’s vital role in their lives. and how they can work towards experiencing more of it daily as it builds resilience, gives purpose, and provides health benefits in these troubled times.”

Here at Fantastic Fungi, gratitude starts and ends with nature. By connecting with nature’s intelligence, focusing on the magic and mystery of mushrooms, we’ve seen firsthand how we can transform how we explore and understand the world. Think about it? This all started as a film. And while that artistic gift could have been enough, it was only the beginning. We — and many of you — have connected with like-minded people all around the world. By witnessing the invisible world underfoot become visible before our eyes, it cultivated immense gratitude for this life — and all who call this planet home. 

Here are six ways you can give thanks for mushrooms in your daily life. 

1. Support the world-saving work of the Fungi Foundation

For over a decade they’ve been working toward the conservation and inclusion of fungi in all areas of the public sphere: politics, citizen science, schools and language.

2. Take someone you love on a foraging excursion. 

If they are new to mushrooms, share these 12 Sustainable Foraging Tips for Beginners. Along the way, take care of Mother Earth by picking up any litter you see. While mushrooms are effective at cleaning up the planet, tidying up trash isn’t in their job description! 

3. Integrate mushrooms into your Thanksgiving meal. 

Consider a mushroom main dish, such as one of those in the Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook. Morels and Brie en Croute. Woodland Wild Mushroom Strudel, Squash and Mushroom Pie or Warm Endive and Oyster Mushroom Salad would all be right at home on your dinner table.

4. Share with an educator in your life.

They will get access to this free mycological curriculum, and it also provides additional resources to learn and stay informed about the new fungal research and findings, various online learning activities, as well as help to become a citizen scientist. 

5. Grow your own mushrooms at home.

Research has found that when kids help grow fruits and vegetables, they are more willing to eat them and try new ones. The same approach can apply to mushrooms — which are easy to grow even in small apartments or a dorm room. Bring home an Oyster or Lion’s Mane mushroom grow kit to witness the magic and mystery of mushrooms up close. There is something truly special about watching a flush of fresh mushrooms appear out of “nowhere.” (But as you know, that’s merely the invisible becoming visible!)

6. Integrate mushrooms into your wellness routine. 

One of the beautiful things about taking mushroom supplements is that you get to experience their power and benefits for yourself.* It truly creates a connection. Take our mushroom personality quiz to find one that might be supportive for where you are right now.*


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