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Article: Celebrate Mom with 12 Gift Ideas Inspired by Mother Nature Herself

Celebrate Mom with 12 Gift Ideas Inspired by Mother Nature Herself

Celebrate Mom with 12 Gift Ideas Inspired by Mother Nature Herself

Mother’s Day in the US is coming up soon — on Sunday, May 14. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for the mother(s) in your life, read on. We turned to Mother Nature herself for inspiration in compiling our 2023 Mother’s Day gift guide, with a combination of experiences and material gifts. 

And an important note: We know that Mother’s Day can be a challenging occasion for many people. Give yourself permission to celebrate the day in any way that feels natural to you — or opt-opt entirely. The day could be a chance to honor your inner child, connect with Mother Nature or treat it like any other Sunday. 

7 Things to Do with Mom on Mother’s Day

1. Take a walk together in nature 

There’s something about getting outside and taking a walk that inspires conversation and connection. The fresh air and the movement are a magical combination — and maybe you’ll even spot a few mushrooms. 

2. Get your hands in the dirt. 

Plant a tree, start some seedlings or build an insect hotel. Helping Mom with her garden or tending some plants on a windowsill is such a fun and rewarding way to pass the time. For extra points with Mother Nature, plant native species or take some time to pull out invasive ones. 

3. Cook a plant-based meal together. 

Whether it's an old family favorite or a new recipe, cooking together is a wonderful way to share your food-based values with your mom. Here are 13 inspiring ways to eat more mushrooms, including a few delicious ones from the Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook. 

4. Give back to others.

For the mom who has everything, pay it forward by sharing your time and talents with those in need. An afternoon at an animal shelter, helping an older neighbor clean up their yard after winter or delivering meals to those in need. Sharing an experience together is a science-backed way to bolster your relationship

5. Go for a plog. 

No, that’s not a typo. Plogging is a combination of jogging and picking up trash, a combination of “jogga in Swedish, with picking up litter, plocka up.” Prefer to walk instead? Make “plalking” a thing you share with mom. 

6. Embrace your creativity. 

Turn that stack of outdated magazines into homemade greeting cards, vision boards and other collage-inspired artwork. Pick a theme — like love, motherhood or family — or let your personal muse guide you. Don’t forget to recycle the leftover magazines. 

7. Watch a feel-good movie. 

We have two suggestions: Fantastic Fungi and Gratitude Revealed. Already watched them both? Check out the new Louie Channel for more inspiring, feel-good and awe-inspiring content. 

5 More Mushroom-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts 

  • Fantastic Fungi Mushroom Drops: Choose the one that reminds you of your mom or focuses on a theme she’s working on in her own life. We recommend Gratitude, Mindful or Beauty, but they’re all fantastic!  
  • Mushroom Growing Kits: Growing your own mushrooms at home is so rewarding and fun. Anyone can do it, even in small spaces. Choose between three colors of Oyster mushrooms, Lion’s Mane or Reishi.   
  • Dried Mushrooms: These are a pantry staple Mom will love to keep on hand year round. Pair dried wild morels, lobsters, porcini or chanterelles with good olive oil, a bag or Arborio rice and maybe a bottle of wine for a risotto gift basket.   
  • Mushroom Coffee or Tea: Give Mom’s morning ritual a mushroom-infused upgrade. Whether she chugs hers on the go or takes it slow, she will love adding mushrooms to her morning brew. Our picks right now? Our limited-edition collaboration with TeaLeaves — an earthy, spiced mushroom powder perfect for any time of day — or Turkey Tail toasted maple herbal coffee that offers calm energy along with a boost of flavor.* 
  • The Forager Box subscribe and save: What’s better than a one-time gift? One that keeps coming, to remind Mom of you all year round. By subscribing to our carefully curated collection, you save 10% on each seasonal box. Each one is filled with hand-picked products from companies whose values align with ours.   

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