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Article: 10 Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas

10 Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas

10 Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas

A thoughtful gift guide for everyone on your list. We suggest a mix of some favorite thoughtful items from our shop, secondhand or free options and gifts of experience. Each gift is meant to inspire a connection to nature’s infinite wisdom. Read on for our 10 picks. 

Gratitude Chocolate Bar

First up, chocolate! Our first-ever mushroom-infused chocolate bar had to be called Gratitude. It’s a combination of rich, ethically sourced cacao and a synergistic blend of eight functional mushroom extracts, all carefully orchestrated to tantalize your taste buds and nourish your well-being.* (Yes, those are the same 8 mushrooms in our Gratitude Mushroom Drops.) 

Premium chocolate bars like this one are perfect to keep on hand for last-minute hostess gifts or anytime you want to give someone sweet, a little something sweet. Give them to your kids’ teachers, babysitters, neighbors and anyone for whom you are grateful. They also make wonderful stocking stuffers! Find them here

Foraging or DIY Basket 

One of the best places to shop for baskets is your local secondhand shop. Think of all the gift baskets people receive this time of year. Oftentimes, they end up gathering dust in the garage until they are donated. Baskets are incredibly useful for foraging mushrooms, as well as herbs and flowers. Add a handwritten note promising to share your “secret” spot for foraging, and that’s a priceless gift! Tip: You can also inquire about free baskets in local “buy nothing” groups. 

Winter Forager Box 

Gift boxes are wonderful gifts for yourself or someone else because they feel like multiple gifts in one. It’s why we love sharing our Forager Box. The winter version is proving to be an all-time favorite: Coffee brimming with functional mushroom goodness.* Mushroom capsules formulated for the season. A candle reminiscent of petrichor, that ephemeral scent after a rainstorm. A “magnificent” mushroom powder. Our luxury tea collab – and that amazing Gratitude Chocolate Bar. Reserve one while you can

Dried or Preserved Foraged Mushrooms

This one may take a little planning, but if you have an abundance of mushrooms on hand that you’ve harvested this year, they make a wonderful gift. Shiitakes grown on logs in your yard, Morels carefully hunted in just the right spot or fresh Oysters cultivated from a kit on your kitchen counter — each makes a lovely, heartfelt gift! Tip: Add a recipe card for your favorite mushroom dish. 

Sacred Spores Candle 

Scents can elicit strong memories, which is why we love the idea of gifting a candle to someone you miss this holiday season. Our first candle — a collaboration with specialty candle maker Boheme — has notes of petrichor, that ephemeral scent that only comes after it rains. Your loved one will think of you when they smell this earthy and evocative blend. It's like a beautiful day forest bathing. Find it here.

Foraging or Cooking Lessons  

Gifts of experience are a wonderful way to build or strengthen a relationship. Share your strengths — whether it’s identifying mushrooms and herbs in the wild or cooking up your edible finds later. Embrace the “teach a person to fish” model to offer the gift of self-sufficiency and resilience. It’s a surefire way to create lasting memories and share a few laughs. 

The Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook 

Nothing creates community and connection quite like food, which is why we (and YOU!) wrote our community cookbook. Filled with the kind of time-tested recipes you and your family will actually eat, from families who’ve enjoyed these fungi-filled dishes for generations. Bonus: Add some fresh (if possible) or dried mushrooms to encourage the recipient to start cooking right away. Find it here

Share Your Favorite Mushroom Books 

If you’ve devoured just about every mushroom book out there, make some room on your shelves and gift a few this season. To make the gift feel extra special, write a personalized note in the front or slip a letter in between the pages. Add a handcrafted bookmark and place sticky notes to flag favorite passages, recipes, etc. 

Mason Goes Mushrooming 

What we love most about this children’s book about foraging is that the author wrote it about her own son and his beloved dog. It not only entertains but also teaches important lessons about foraging and nature. It even includes a recipe you can make with your little fungi fan. 

Gratitude Revealed Journal 

Cultivating a gratitude practice is one of the best things you can do for your outlook and well-being. With 15 evidence-based principles designed to inspire a more gracious life, this journal offers plenty for both new and seasoned gratitude practitioners. And it’s inspired by Louie Schwartzberg’s documentary Gratitude Revealed. Find it here

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