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Article: 4 Mushroom Burger Recipes

4 Mushroom Burger Recipes

4 Mushroom Burger Recipes

Fire up the grill! It’s time to look beyond beef, past pork, to the magnificent mushroom. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite recipes for you to try, from simply adding mushrooms to replacing the meat pattie with vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. It is time, my people, to join together in mycelial bliss. 

Cheese And Mushroom Burger

We’ll start things off close to traditional burger territory with this half-pound beef patty topped with cheese and grilled mushrooms found at Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap, Texas. The burger made it to 32 on a list of America’s 101 best burgers. 

The combination of cheese, mushrooms, and onions is close to burger perfection. For the neophyte griller, this recipe will get you started. 

Portobello Burger

There was a time when a mushroom burger meant a beef patty topped with fried mushrooms. Thankfully, culinary tastes have expanded, and we now have a bonanza of burger options. These days, a mushroom burger is just as likely to mean beef-free—like in this recipe that replaces the beef patty with a portobello mushroom.

Portobello mushrooms are huge, compared to the button mushrooms we’re used to seeing in the produce aisle. That makes them great candidates for easy burgers. There’s no mixing of ingredients required. Just cut the stem off, marinate it, slap it on the grill, and call it a mushroom burger. 

For those who like to travel, at least one reviewer claims the world’s best portobello burger to be served at Agadon in Bogota, Columbia. 

Mushroom patty

For those who enjoy cooking, creating the perfect burger without using meat is a fun challenge. With their meaty texture, mushrooms make a great meat substitute, especially when paired with beans. That pairing is exactly what you’ll find in this recipe. The patty combines mushrooms and beans with spices and uses eggs to hold it all together. The result is a juicy, tasty burger that you’ll enjoy just as much as a beef burger. 

Vegan Mushroom Burger

Eggs make that last recipe a no-go for vegans, but there are animal-free options out there for vegan burger lovers. Like the previous recipe, this one uses mushrooms and beans for the bulk of the patty, but a few extra spices make this version a bit more flavorful. 

No matter how you like your burger, adding mushrooms is a delicious way to inject a bit of fun(gi) into your grilling session.

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