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Article: Here’s Why Our Mushroom Elixirs Are Triple-Extracted

Here’s Why Our Mushroom Elixirs Are Triple-Extracted

Here’s Why Our Mushroom Elixirs Are Triple-Extracted

Ever since we launched our line of six Mushroom Elixirs for mind and body, we’ve been hearing fantastic feedback from our community.* 

  • “I'm loving my new routine with FF's mushroom elixirs.” — Traci
  • “Love the elixirs. I used them in conjunction with the powders...just to get all of the mushroom goodness.” — Helena
  • “The mushroom elixirs are great…” — Martha

  • All of our elixirs start with USDA Certified Organic mushrooms grown in North America, and each one is made with a commitment to quality and potency, using the highest quality ingredients possible. They are great-tasting (as confirmed by reviewers!) and they are vegan, with a base of organic glycerin.

    We also focus on the purity, safety and efficacy of the ingredients in each blend: 

    • Third-Party Tested: Products are independently lab-tested for peace of mind, safety and efficacy — including heavy metals and microbes.
    • Full Spectrum: Always made with the highest quality whole mushrooms — and no fillers —  for an extract that captures the quality and true essence of each ingredient.
    • Triple Extracted: Certified Organic mushrooms are steam-processed then triple-extracted (fermented, then in hot water & alcohol) for bioavailability and potency.*

    That last point is important, but it’s the one that raises the most questions with our community. Not all supplements are made this way — and it’s a reason ours are different. We’re proud of this differentiator, so today we’re sharing why triple extraction makes our Fantastic Fungi Elixirs extra-fantastic! 

    Why Our Mushroom Elixirs are Triple-Extracted 

    Mushrooms contain different compounds that can support our health, from beta-glucans and triterpenoids to alkaloids. But the anatomy of a mushroom makes those compounds hard for our bodies to access in their natural, unprocessed state. Mushroom cell walls are largely made of chitin, an armor-like substance that is not digestible. (It’s also what fish scales, insect exoskeletons and crustacean shells are made of!) 

    All the “good stuff” is inside the cell walls, under lock and key, so to speak. When we extract mushrooms, it gives us the key to unlock the active compounds. This allows your body to digest and assimilate them. Each set of compounds has its own unique biochemistry, requiring a different “key” (extraction method). 

    There are actually four steps to the triple-extraction process: 

    1. Steam-processing: USDA Certified Organic mushrooms grown in the USA are steam-processed to start breaking down the chitin in the cell walls. This is a prep step before extraction begins. 
    2. Fermentation: The mushrooms are fermented to increase bioavailability of polysaccharides, triterpenoids and alkaloids. This is a step that’s quite special, and it’s one reason we chose to work with the expert mushroom formulators who are our partners. 
    3. Hot water extraction: The mushrooms are extracted using hot water, which helps unlock the polysaccharides. 
    4. Alcohol extraction: The mushrooms are extracted for about three months in alcohol, to help unlock compounds including triterpenoids. 

    Since we opted to use glycerin as the base for our Elixirs, the final step is to remove the alcohol. This process does NOT involve any solvents. A soy-free vegetable glycerin serves as the stable base (and adds natural sweetness). Though glycerin is technically a carbohydrate, it does not impact blood sugar (and it is not a sugar).  

    Explore All 6 Fantastic Fungi Elixirs

    Get to know all six of the expertly formulated Mushroom Elixirs in our line-up. Which one is your favorite? 


    Beauty starts on the inside — and our new Beauty Elixir is formulated to support your inner and outer glow.* With Tremella and Chaga mushrooms plus Horsetail and Acerola Berry to support glowing skin.* Shop Beauty


    Need a moment to yourself? Has it been one of *those* weeks? Our Chill Elixir is formulated to be a moment of Zen in a bottle, to support tranquility, relaxation and adrenal wellness.* With Reishi, Shiitake, Holy Basil and Vervain. Shop Chill


    For “can-do” energy no matter what’s on your to-do list, turn to mushrooms and nature’s wisdom for inspiration.* Energy Mushroom Drops promote verve and vitality with Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Chinese Red Ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea.* Shop Energy


    A symbiotic blend of 8 mushrooms in equal amounts, our Gratitude Mushroom Drops are formulated to inspire infinite gratitude — for the mushrooms, our community and nature’s wisdom and to support healthy aging and longevity.* Take daily or as desired as part of your gratitude practice. Shop Gratitude


    Support your overall wellness with Immunity Mushroom Drops.* Whatever life brings your way, embrace nature’s wisdom as your guide. With Maitake and Chaga, plus Elderberries and Astragalus.* Shop Immunity


    Stay focused and alert with Mindful, a delicious and thoughtful blend formulated with clarity and intention in mind.* Take daily or as desired as part of your mindfulness practice.* With triple-extracted Lion’s Mane, Bacopa and Ginkgo. Shop Mindful

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