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Immunity Elixir

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Warning: Prop 65 notice for California consumers

Immunity Elixir
Immunity Elixir Sale price$25.00


Key Ingredients

Turkey Tails are the most widely researched mushrooms due to their support of the immune system.* These striped mushrooms are used extensively in China and Japan. They get their name from the colorful fans their fruiting bodies form, which resemble the tails of turkeys. Turkey Tails offer antioxidant support and are native to North America, Europe and Asia.

Maitake is known as hen of the woods or the dancing mushroom, which dates back to feudal Japan, where they were worth their weight in silver. Edible and native to Asia, Europe and North America, Maitake mushrooms support immune health, healthy blood sugar levels within normal ranges and some aspects of cardiovascular health.*

Chaga mushrooms are among the highest sources of natural antioxidants — and they offer potent immune support.* Commonly found on birch trees in cold climates across Eastern Europe and North America, Chaga grows as a sclerotia (canker) on a host tree. It looks more like burned wood than a mushroom (what a clever “disguise”). Traditionally used in Russian herbalism, Chaga offers support against UV exposure.*

Black Elderberries are one of the best-known herbs to support immunity.* They have been used for centuries across North America and Europe, where the tree earned its name based on the level of respect it commands.* The blue-black berries are the second botanical produced each year by Elder trees; they start out as lacy white Elderflowers, also used in herbalism.*

Native to China, Astragalus is known as huang qi (yellow leader) in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which considered it to be among the most important herbs. A member of the legume family, Astragalus’ roots are used in herbalism, for a variety of traditional uses, including immunity.*

Customer Reviews

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Essential part of my daily routine!

I've always been susceptible to seasonal illnesses, but since incorporating Immunity Mushroom Drops into my life, I have noticed a drastic reduction in the frequency and severity of colds and flu. It's like having a natural shield against infections!

The taste of the drops is surprisingly pleasant, making them easy to take either directly under the tongue or mixed into my favorite beverages. The dropper design ensures accurate dosing, which is a convenient feature.

Immunity drops

The mushroom drops are great…too soon to report if they are helping my immunity.