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Article: The Fantastic Fungi Holiday Gift Guide

The Fantastic Fungi Holiday Gift Guide

The Fantastic Fungi Holiday Gift Guide

As December begins, so does the winter holiday season. No matter how you celebrate this time of year, we have some thoughtful, sustainable and (yes) mushroom-inspired ideas for the fungi fans in your life. Read on for our top picks in our shop — and even a few upcycled and zero-waste ideas inspired by nature’s wisdom. 

Gratitude Elixir 

We recently launched our first-ever Fantastic Fungi Mushroom Drops, aptly named Gratitude. Inspired by our infinite gratitude for nature, this blend supports your mood, immunity and longevity.* It includes eight intentionally selected mushrooms: Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Maitake, Red Reishi, Shiitake, Chaga, Turkey Tail and Tremella.* The drops taste great, they’re vegan — and they’re full-spectrum and triple-extracted. 

Perfect for: anyone for whom you’re grateful! 

$24.99 for Gratitude Drops (1 ounce)

Fantastic Mushroom Tea

We’ve teamed up with TEALEAVES, world-renowned for their luxury teas. Our limited-edition foraged mushroom blend features some of the world’s most revered mushrooms, including Reishi, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane. With a delicate umami, earthy and slightly woodsy flavor, each sip deepens your connection to nature, while rejuvenating mind, body and spirit.* It’s caffeine-free, too, so you can drink it day or night! 

$12.99 for Fantastic Mushroom Tea (30 grams; makes 15-20 8 oz cups)

Perfect for: the tea lover in your life — or anyone who is avoiding caffeine 

Mushroom Ornament

Made from sustainably harvested, locally-sourced merino-wool, these perfectly plump mushrooms are a must-have! Delicate hand-embroidered flowers add a touch of whimsy and look darling hung up as a charm around the house. Use these in your table decor, prop on a bookshelf or hang on a tree. 

$24 for one mushroom ornament

Perfect for: the person in your life who’s known for their holiday tree

Mushroom Earrings

We love these dainty mushroom stud earrings, each pair handmade and illustrated by hand, too.  They’re coated in glossy resin and made with hypoallergenic nickel-free titanium earring posts and anodized aluminum barrel backs. Choose among Fly Agaric, Chanterelle, Porcini, Morel and Matsutake. 

$28 per pair of mushroom earrings

Perfect for: stylish foragers and anyone who likes wearing a bit of flair

The Forager Box 

You truly can’t go wrong when you gift the Forager Box to someone you love, either as a standalone gift or a seasonal subscription. The box itself is a work of art and a gift! The carefully curated assortment inside is sure to please any mushroom lover, whether they’re a newbie or a seasoned forager. 

$109.99 per Forager Box

Perfect for: the gift giver who dislikes wrapping packages — and anyone in your life who likes mushrooms

The Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook 

The Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook was written by mushroom lovers like you! These are the kinds of recipes you will actually cook for dinner: tried-and-true, family recipes representing cultures from all over the world. The most diverse and comprehensive mushroom cookbook available, it’s the perfect addition for anyone who is curious about the marvelous world of mushrooms and the magic they can make in the kitchen.

$29.99 for the Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook

Perfect for: anyone who loves to cook or forage for mushrooms

Gratitude-Inspired Gear 

Wear your values on your chest with our new Gratitude clothing line! With hoodies and T-shirts for the whole family, these limited-edition offerings combine two things our community holds dear: Gratitude and mushrooms. We have options for kids and adults alike! 

$28 to $60 for our new Gratitude clothing line

Perfect for: the person who loves sharing their values on their clothing 

A Foraging Experience 

The best gifts are those that come from the heart, and they don’t need to cost any money at all. Spend a day in nature with someone you care about, searching for mushrooms and soaking up the infinite wisdom around you. There’s no greater gift than that! Share these tips for a fun and safe day in the woods. 

Perfect for: anyone who could use a little more time in nature 

Movie Night at Home

Gift your sweetheart or family the perfect winter movie night. Pop some popcorn, change into your coziest clothes and make a mug of tea, then cuddle up for a couple of hours of phone-free togetherness. Gift Gratitude Revealed — now available on demand! Find it on Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play and more. Or rewatch the film that started it all: Fantastic Fungi

Perfect for: the movie buff in your life or loved ones who need a night to unwind

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