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Article: What's New in the World of Mushrooms

What's New in the World of Mushrooms

What's New in the World of Mushrooms

It seems like mushrooms are spreading in our culture faster than spores in the wind. We’re really excited to watch as more people embrace nature’s intelligence and learn just how much fungi can do for humans and the planet. We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting and exciting stories related to mushrooms. 

Read on for the latest headlines in the world of fungi. 

From shipping container to table: Adapt brings urban mushroom farms to US | TechCrunch

Mushroom farms in shipping containers? It’s happening in cities across the US right now, thanks to a Canadian agriculture start-up. They plan to expand to 50 locations, for better access to farm-to-table mushrooms nationwide. This is such a clever idea, since mushrooms can be grown in urban, rural and suburban locations alike — after all, they have much different requirements than a field of broccoli or apple orchard. 

World's Deadliest Mushroom Changed How It Reproduces as It Spreads Across The US | Science Alert 

Beyond their mystery and magic, mushrooms also deserve our respect — especially ones like Amanita phalloides, which is deadly. Scientists recently learned that these mushrooms can reproduce simply by using the chromosomes of a single individual. This hasn’t always been the case — but mushrooms adapt to their surroundings just as we do. (Reminder: Always, always be certain that you are foraging for the correct species — never guess!)

Mushrooms are everywhere. Here’s how to forage, eat and grow the mighty fungi in L.A | Los Angeles Times

The LA Times says we’re in a “shroom boom” — and we agree. This roundup delivers a concise yet thorough look at how to integrate more mushrooms into your life if you live or visit Los Angeles. Would you ever want to try to grow them at home or have you wondered whether mushrooms “talk”? Learn about those topics and more. 

The future of space travel might rely on buildings made of mushrooms | Astronomy 

Is there anything mushrooms and fungi can’t do? Now, researchers are investigating whether they could be used to build cheap and versatile shelters on — wait for it — Mars and the moon! Sign us up for the first trip. Have you ever heard of mycotecture? It’s a portmanteau of mycology and architecture that makes perfect sense! 

GM’s Former Holden Adelaide Plant Will Now Produce Mushrooms | GM Authority

We love this story from the Land Down Under: A plant that once made gas-powered cars will now be a mushroom farm! With six growing rooms, they anticipate producing 20 tons (that’s 40,000 pounds!) of mushrooms per week. The factory will start with white oyster mushrooms, then expand into shiitake, enoki and king oyster. What an uplifting, sustainable change! 

How are mushrooms grown in farms? Here’s everything you need to know | San Francisco Chronicle 

Ever wonder how mushrooms are grown on farms? While they don’t resemble the image you might have, there’s a lot of science, chemistry and cleaning involved. This project is interactive, walking you step by step through what it takes to get from spore to shelf. 

"The Last of Us" won't have the last word on mushroom appeal | AXIOS 

Those who know, know. The “Cordyceps” seen on the hit HBO share a name with the beloved mushroom used to boost energy the world over — but little else.* And, according to professors, researchers and other experts, our love of mushrooms won’t be dampened by a science fiction plotline (one that’s totally addictive!). 

Rare Hissing Mushroom Known as ‘Devil's Cigar' Spotted in Texas Park | NBC5 DFW

Chorioactis geaster is among the rarest mushrooms on the planet— and it was recently spotted in a Texas park. In addition to an impressive size (3-4 inches in length), this mushroom makes quite the dramatic entrance. A hissing noise and a cloud of spores announce its arrival. Only a few hundred people worldwide have ever seen one. 

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Photo Credit: Phoenix Han

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