As you might guess, we find fungi fascinating! And nothing would make us happier than to share the lessons of nature with younger generations. Enjoy teaching and learning about the fantastic world of fungi!

The Fantastic Fungi Curriculum

In partnership with our friends at the Fungi Foundation, we have developed a fungi educational curriculum for grades 6-12, with suggestions on how to modify for grades K-5.

The curriculum is organized into a set of five modules that align with both Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core standards. Students learn about the science of mushrooms, fungi for food and health, the art of nature, and environmental conservation and innovation.

The Fantastic Fungi Education Film

To begin embarking on your journey through the mysterious and fascinating fungi kingdom, enjoy a screening event of the Fantastic Fungi Education Film. This version has been modified for a student audience. Once you’ve been granted access, you will have a 48-hour window to view this film with your students.

Viewing disclaimer: this film is not allowed to be viewed in Germany, Austria (including Tyrol), Switzerland, Luxembourg, Japan, and China (which includes Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau).

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