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The Full Set

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Warning: Prop 65 notice for California consumers

The Full Set
The Full Set Sale price$125.00 Regular price$150.00


Key Ingredients

Lion’s Mane is a tasty nootropic mushroom that supports the brain – including memory, focus and nerve health.* In addition to cognitive well-being, Lion’s Mane also supports gut and immune health.*

Cordyceps is an adaptogenic mushroom that promotes stamina, endurance and energy.*

Maitake mushrooms support immune health, healthy blood sugar levels within normal ranges and some aspects of cardiovascular health.*

Reishi mushroom is known as the “mushroom of immortality” and the queen of mushrooms. It is an adaptogen that supports a healthy response to stress, as well as a tonic that promotes longevity and healthy aging.*

Shiitake mushroom has been used for millennia to support immune health in China and Japan.* Shiitake also offers antioxidant support and promotes skin, liver and cardiovascular health.*

Chaga mushrooms are among the highest sources of natural antioxidants — and they offer potent immune support.* Traditionally used in Russian herbalism, Chaga also offers support against UV exposure.*

Turkey Tails are the most widely researched mushrooms due to their support of the immune system.* They are also known to offer support for the microbiome and liver.*

Tremella was traditionally used to promote healthy skin (aka beauty!) and bones and to support a healthy memory and metabolism.* Tremella also offers support to the immune system.*

Customer Reviews

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Thank you

Great product

Cristina R.

I so, so happy with the products, make me feel more energetic and positive and in my skin now look more healthy and bright...
Thanks fantastic fungi!!

Nothing but love 💗

I’m pretty addicted to these elixirs. My morning ritual includes Gratitude, Mindful, Beauty and Energy. I save Chill for bedtime, and Immunity when I feel something coming on or anyone in my house is sick. They’ve made me feel better overall - more centered, more focused, more energized, less stress. And I rarely get sick.

Absolutely love these products!

Can't say enough how much I love these products. I've tried everything similar and nothing else compares. Taste is great and I feel great when I use them. Love all their products.

Maribel V.

The products are excellent! Love the taste and I can see them working well already.